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6 weeks and still having side effects?

Hey All hope you are well.

Managed to get to 6 weeks and feel really proud of myself.

I am still having really bad mood swings, got a really dry mouth all of the time despite drinking litres of water, still constipated (sorry to much info but eh?) -I managed to stop for 3 months years ago and all the side effects stopped after 4 weeks, but this time they are showing no sign of disappearing.

On the positive note, I never have any cravings, I have no desire to ever smoke again, when I see smokers in the street I think they look hideous and usually wrinkly with bad smokers skin and teeth.

Lets hope not much longer, from reading everyone elses post at this same stage it seems like its only me suffering at this stage.

Really proud of everyone who's stopped - wasnt we silly when we smoked??

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All i will say is treat every quit as unique.. never compare to your previous quits, but just keep mindful of past experience should certain things arise that you are more familiar with.

If you spend your time worrying about the whole 6 week thing it will just upset your emotions more than you need and it then becomes like a domino effect.

I'm sure things will improve soon, but most of all congratulations on 6 weeks done!!! well done you!



Sorry to hear you are still having the side effects, on my first few quits a never had the dreams, however this time OMG weird dreams, so as pointed out all quits are different. i am on day28 and i have to say that i still have the terrible mood swings, and also occasional craves, so you are not on your own in still having the crap stuff. i am finding however these things are fewer and fewer so we just have to stick at it, the main thing is you don't ever want a fag again, so that has got to be the best feeling in the world.


Hi Kev :)

well done 6 weeks is great the mood swings are very normal but they will go

As we're all different so are our quits and the is no set time for anything that happens for anyone




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