No Smoking Day
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Day 12

Morning Everyone,

Ok, before I start this post properly, I want to say thanks to everyone for their concern over the weekend, with the PM's and wall posts I got. I won't say who you were and embarrass you all, but it's nice to know I'm missed around here sometimes :)

You will notice that this becomes a regular thing, basically I don't do the internet at weekends. I make my living designing and coding websites, so unless there is a very good reason, I keep away from it at weekends. That's not to say I don't appreciate the help and support I get here, believe me, I really do, it's just a concious decision I make so that my time IS my time and feels like it too.

Anyway, to the matter at hand - it's been 12 days, which means over the weekend I made double figures (yay!) and I still maintain that for the most part, so far it's not been to bad. As I've said before, most of the times I've wanted a cigarette, it's not the nicotine I'm after, it's the act of smoking, the habit rather than the addiction that is showing itself, and for me that's very easy to over come - it's a simple choice. I either choose to smoke or I choose to occupy myself with another activity instead.

The reason I know this to be the case is because the most regular place I feel like having a cigarette is in the car, when driving to or from work. I haven't smoked in the car for over a year (we got a new car and wanted to keep it nice) but it's something I always missed doing when on the daily commute. Any other car journey, I'm fine with, because it's out of the ordinary, but the same journey, day in, day out, at an hour each way, I'm sorry but I get bored.

Anyway, hopefully I can carry on like this, not far from completing two weeks :D

Good luck to everyone else, and thanks again for the nice messages :D


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Phew thank goodness your here I really thought you had cracked, anyway just glad we are both free and Im feeling happy today so you must be too



Hi Rob :)

Well done you 12 days smoke free is great keep going

Glad you 're still finding it fairly easy and fully understand when you work on the Internet all week you want to be away from it at the weekends if you can




Day 13

It Day 13.

I'm superstitious.

I intend to hide from all stressful situations today, and if I so much as see a ladder, cat, mirror, salt celler or anything like that, I'm running, lest I get mugged by a cigarette. :p

In all seriousness, today seems to be ok so far, nothing major to report :D


At least you can run now without getting as breathless, bet you couldnt 13 days ago, so its all good.

Nearly at the end of 2 weeks, thats brilliant. We have all been watching each others progress through the last few weeks and as much as we never thought we could do it, we have.

Your doing really well.



Hi Rob,

Great stuff on being on day 13. It is great to count in multiples of weeks. They soon mount up.

I know what you mean about smoking and driving. I do a 3 hour journey every month or so, and used to practically chain smoke all the way. I remeber it being a significant step on the way to healing the journey for the first time I did the journey where I didn't think about smoking once. I won't say that the car smells lovely even now - but it's so much better than it was!



Day 14

So, moving in to day 14, successfully negotiated the dreaded 13th day although I was got by the strongest urge I've had so far last night, just seemed to go on for ages.

Anyway, I managed to hold off and here I am.

Woohoo, new board tomorrow!


PS: I don't know if I slept funny last night or what happened, but I bloody ache all over this morning :(


Congratulations on getting to day 14... 2 weeks ;) you gotta be happy with that. :)

Well done you :)


Way to go Rob, your catching up with me at rather a fast pace. Keep up the good work and we will all be in the penthouse before you know it. :)



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