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Day 3 on Champix

Day 3 and all is well, no side effects apart from an odd dream last night, also when my husband woke me up this morning, by all accounts my reply to him was "it's ok i've already paid for it!" that gave him a laugh:D!!!!

I haven't noticed any change in my smoking habit as yet but i've read it can kick in at anytime...bring it on!

Have a great day everyone:)

Lilac x

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Well done Lilac,

Yes It will kick in but dont despair if its not for a while, you cant rush these things but in the mean time read as much as you can especially our posts as I found it most helpful reading about peoples feelings at different times of their quit. Knowledge is power.

Stay strong Caroline


Hi Lilac :)

You're doing fine odd/wierd dreams a normal and it's not usual to notice much difference in smoking habits on the 3rd day

Don't worry it'l kick in and when it does it is quickly and then you'll notice the difference

As caroline say's let it do it's job and spend some time reading it really does help


Marg xx


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