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D3 = grrrreeeeeerrrrrrrr....... and breath

Well the infamous D3 has arrived, went for a run last night, as i really hatted everything and one, so ran 3 miles which i havent done for about 6 months, So i must have looked a sorry state running up the hills in somerset sweating and swaring to myself. But after 30 min of hard running and swaring i felt loads better:D

Although last night i still didn't sleep very well at all, still falling of the kerb and dizzy has hell when i shut my eyes, got to sleep about 03:30, than at 04:40 my middle lad came in telling the houshold he had wet the bed:mad::mad: awake again:confused:

Still on the nic inhaler, only 1 cap a day, not the 6-12 they recommend. The inhaler just takes that edge away.. today wil be a long day, good luck to all the givers up out there....

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Well done on making day 3, I'm here too although my night was quite opposite to yours.

The OH went to football last night so I pampered myself with a long bath, daughter in bed early and some tacky tv which I only get to watch when hubby's out. Felt really positive last night until like you, I experienced the jolts again!!

Its although my body is stoppping me from falling asleep, as soon as I start to nod off BANG, my body jolts and I'm wide awake again. Its a bit like the nodding dog syndrome I used to get when travelling home from work on the train.

Anyway, the main thing is we're here!! At least changing bed sheets should have taken your mind off the cravings! :p I might try the running tonight as I'm feeling as though the world owes me a living today. :rolleyes:


Hi I'm a quitter :)

Day three is great well done sorry you had another bad night but it will start to get better soon

Glad to hear you felt better after your run last night and the dizziness is normal at this stage

Glad also that the inhalor is taking the edge of the craves for you

Hi Louise :)

Well done to you as well on day 3 you're doing fine sorry about the jolts you get as well but it does happen for some of us

As you say the main thing is you're still quit and that has to be good

Love to you both

Marg xxxx


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