No Smoking Day
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I bloody love not smoking

Hi All

I had a really rough week last week but I am feeling a million times better today despite the hang over.

I decided over the weekend that I am going to give the cost of 1 packet of cigs to wateraid each month, set up a direct debit for £20 a month - and if I ever thing about lighting up, I will ask myself do I need a ciggerette more than they need the water?

Thy gym is really helping to get me through big time, I just need to cut down on my coffee now, I think my nicotein addiction has been replaced by caffein!

I hope everyone is well and bloody loving being a non smoker as much as me !!

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I bloody love it too!

And the best thing, it gets better and better!

Now more than a year down and I simply don't remember ever feeling so good.

Went out on my bike again over the weekend - 40 miles and felt awesome afterwards.

I went for a wander at lunchtime along the sea front and had to climb up a nice long slope to get up the cliff...

I was enjoying it so much I ran up!

Couldn't have done that a year ago!

Who would have thought that me, a smoker of at least 25 a day for more than half my life and confirmed avoider of strenuous activity would enjoy exercise so much?

Yep, I bloody love it!! Without a doubt the best thing I have ever done.... part of me is even glad I smoked, I wouldn't appreciate this so much if I hadn't been so damn unhealthy before.


Hi Kevhalluk :D

Well done you even though you had a rough week last week so glad you're feeling better now and loving being a non smoker

I also love being free of smoking and feel really well fit and healthy and full of energy


Marg xxxxxxx


Hi Kev

What a great incentive, do I need a fag more than they need water. i'll do the same.

My nocotine addiction has been replaced by curlywurlies but Im waiting for the Daily Mail's front page CURLYWURLIES KNOCK 10 YEARS OFF YOUR LIFE.



Hi Kev

I second that title! I haven't (yet) turned into Paula Radcliffe, but I can run to the top of the hill out of the village without having to walk now! :D

What a great cause to give your extra cash to - that's a lovely thing to do and has set me wondering which charity I would most like to support. Last month I gave £50 to Sport Relief sponsoring Eddie Izzard on his 43 marathons - now I think I'll take your advice and find something more permanent and set up a direct debit. Just need to decide who!

Thanks for sharing, and well done!


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