No Smoking Day
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coming up for nearly 60days!


am now just on the inhalator..have been for the past week, it's going ok....have put on a lot of weight but have stratde cycling 6miles 3 times a week so hopefully that will help!!!

A friend who was about 2 weeks ahead of me as given up giving up and is back on the fags...i have had a few moments when i have alos been tempted but keep remindingmyself of the addiction monster and that after the first fag I will not enjoy smoking and will be back on 20 a day.

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Hi bextala :D

Well done you almost 60 days is great




If any friends fail with their quit, don't mope on it, the key thing is to keep on going with yours.. you are not going to make the same mistake and you are going to be one of the success stories. Prove to yourself, those around you and the rest of the world that you can quit this addiction.

Keep it up, keep looking forwards and never down or back.



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