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My stop date 4th May 2009 - just over 4 months

Hi there,

I wanted to share my story with you... I am 33 and stopped smoking on the 4th May after smoking for 18 years this year with the help of Champix what I got from the doctors, I didn't have any withdrawal pangs and was able too stop eating more... another major factor for me also was that I have also stopped biting my nails. Champix cover the receptors in your brain which cause the cravings and it seems to have stopped other cravings too... so I can highly recommend them!!

On the 22nd May I went to Ibiza for the season and everyone still smoked in clubs, bars and restaurants but that didn't phase me, actually made me realise more that I didn''t want to smoke especially after smelling myself and my clothes in the morning.

I have got so much energy now and feel so much healthier... the last time I stopped for 4 months was about 8 years ago and I did it the Alan Carr way but failed after having one ciggy... this time I know I am going to be a non-smoker for the rest of my life!!

Well done to everyone out there who has stopped... I wish I would have done it years ago!! I really wish I could my mum to stop, she's is 54 and has been smoking since she was 14 and is always ill. My little sister has just started taking Champix too but my mum's comment was she doesn't want to take tablets because of the chemicals hahaha well what is the smoke then... I just think she doesn't know what she will do if she does stop and she has no hobbies or anything.

How do I help other people who don't help themselves??

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coughing up phlegm

can anyone tell me if this is right?? And how to stop calm it???


the coughing up is perfectly normal.. yet not everyone who quits smoking gets that happen, and the ones who it doesn't happen to (me included here) wish that they were 'bringing up' so that you felt like your lungs were clearing.

Truth is its normal and is not a concern.

As for your mum, its a matter of education. The saying 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks' should not apply if the information you need her to know is given in an easily readable form.

I would be very tempted to offer two pages to her to read, one page with all the information about all the chemicals and indeed poisons that you can find listed that are in cigarettes (and that can also include ingredients which keep you hooked like subtle flavourings too!). I believe there is anything upwards to 4000 different ingredients and many of them chemicals in the average cigarette, and the effect when burned can be vastly heightened. The cigarette is one of the.. if not the fastest delivery method of a drug to the human brain outside of i guess injecting the brain itself.

The second page, put champix on the page, list the chemical it contains.. Varenicline.. and what it does... google it for some good info.

2 pages.. simple as.. one page showing cigarettes.. the other champix.. i would defy anyone who is worried about 'chemicals' to compare both pages and decide smoking is the better of the two options.;

the 3rd page and is the page you cannot see, contains no chemicals, and that one is called cold-turkey ;)

I wish i could convince my mum to stop smoking, but the problem with my mum is totally that she has built smoking so deeply into her life that if you say 'why don't you quit them mum?' she will always always tell me that its her only enjoyment, and that she really likes to smoke'.. the desire to quit has to come from them sadly, and my mum worries me deeply that she won't consider even the possibility that she could quit if she tried. I love my mum to bits.. and i have this very very dark picture in the back of my mind of me in tears because she never would try to quit them.. haunts me to this day.. always did.. always will. Wish my mum would quit. :/


Hi Laydhilton :)

Well done on your 4 month quit that's great

The coughing up of gunk is normal for many quitters and is just the lings clearing themselves nothing to worry about at all

Anyone that wants to quit point them in the direction of this forum but with your Mum you cannot force her to quit just gentley encourage her to do so and hopefully just like you she'll one day decide to stop as well




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