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My 1st Day.... (I am in my 3rd week)

My 1st day SUCKED!!! I have a video recording of myself from the 1st day I quite and let me tell you its not pretty. I was sweating profusely that whole day, having fits of anger and rage, I remember flipping people off and yelling at people while I was driving. I remember being so fcuked up from cigarettes that I wanted to fight somebody-- lol or at least thats what I said in the video!

Let me tell you something these cigarettes are shit. They are absolute shit. Our government is like a crime syndicate. They allow 'drug dealers', i.e. tobacco companies, to sell us addictive drugs. The only thing our government asks for in return is a "piece of the pie" and they get that piece of the pie in the form of taxes! They tax the user each time we buy a pack and then they tax the 'drug dealer' aka the tobacco companies once a year. The only main difference between us and the tobacco company is the company can't get a deadly disease whereas we can. Then there is us... the root of the problem. Why are we the problem? Because we're the addicts! We go to the corner store at least once a day, sometimes more than that. We're loyal customers and we never stop... even a flu that will keep us from work won't keep us from smoking. If we're down to our last 10 bucks, do we eat or buy a pack of smokes? I know I used to buy the smokes. We are addicts, hardcore drug addicts.

So chances are you're reading this and its your first day. This day is going to suck balls. This is the worst day of your life bitch, recognize it and get over it. Everyday from here on out will get easier. You will have tough times, you will experience CRAZY urges down the road.... I had one this morning! But you can't bitch out because you have NOTHING to lose except your life.

The video below helped me out a little bit... maybe it'll help you. I know the song is mainly about harder drugs like heroin and what not but try not to think of the drug or perception of that particular drug BECAUSE just like a heroin addict goes to their dealer daily, you went to the store daily--- you both got your fix- always.

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Spot on there! Thats how I had to think of the fags when I quit, and realise that I had an addiction problem.

Your right about the Government too, an easy tax grab on addicts. They claim everytime they put the tax up its to discourage people from smoking, but they know full well that most will find the extra £££ to pay for them as they are addicted.

If the government was serious, and i've said this for a long time, either ban them, or put them upto £20/pack then see what happens.

Everyone would quit, and their tax revenue would plummet.


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