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Day 4!!

Well, I'm on Day 4 and feel very proud of myself, especially when my husband and children tell me, makes it all worth while hearing that I am making them happy too!

I am okay with this quit as I am using the champix and they seemed to be dealing with the ADDICTION, whilst I am dealing with the HABIT, I am not sure which one is worse to deal with but I am glad I am not dealing with both!

I have heard and read on the forum about people havinga void in their lives, a feeling that something is missing, this is exactly what I am felling like I have had a massive loss in my life when in reality, their is no loss just a gain - my life!!!

The biggest problem I am having is a constant argument with the alarm in my head telling me that its time for a fag! which I assume is the habit, the programming of my brain, which has been programmed for 16 years for me to go ahead and poison myself, it is really annoying me and making my head hurt!! :(

Apart from this I am fine and I'm looking forward to going to the smoking clinic tmrw to let the nice lady know that I am on day 5 of my quit and that I would like some more Champix!

Thanks for listening to my rant, hope everyone is having a good day :)

love fay xx

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Hi Fayray :D

Well done on day 4 that's great keep it going

The feeling of loss you have just now is normal and will pass

Click the bottom link in my signature there are lots of helpful bits in there including a bit on the psychological part of quitting


Marg xx


Thanks guys, glad of the reassurance of what I am feeling is the norm, I am a bit concerened now though as I have just read coaltyt's diary about her OH having to stop Champix because of his eyes.

For the last 3 days my eyes have been watering, twitching, sore and just general discomfort in them, thought I needed to make an appointment with the optician now im wondering if it is a side effect?, will ask coaltyt on her thread? x

Hope you are all well, fay x


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