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Good bye Mr.Cig-nasty

For the last few months I was contemplating putting an end to the habit that I despised. Finally on Monday I kicked the habit for good. I am twenty two years old and can proudly say I will never smoke again. I started smoking when I was 15 and smoked till right around my 19th birthday. My jaw was broken and in order for it to heal quicker I stopped smoking. The doctors gave me so much medication that I was nearly sleeping two weeks straight, so it was relatively easy. I started smoke again on my 21st birthday when I went through a period of being a immature adult. Weekends were filled with drinking, smoking, and girls. I did for about a year and two months when I finally decided that this is not what I represent. To be honest I am greatful that my grades did not suffer and my health did not deteriorate, but mentally I was far from happy. I would spend night pondering how I could come to rely on something that makes me miserable. Before I started smoking again my teeth were the pearliest white you have ever seen. Sadly even with brushing, flossing, and whitening they were no match for tobacco. I know now that I quit with a bit of work they will be looking there best in no time. Another reason I quit was because being healthy and exercising is very important to me. All throughout high school and most of college I have been a star athlete, during the last year my stamina, strength, drive, and passion have gone right out the window. Sitting around smoking and having a beer had become more important. What it boils down to is that cigs were ruining my life. It was either break all my bad habits now and live the life I want, or become a prisionier in my own life. This was a simple choice for me, and I think it will give me the strength to tackle other obstacles in the future. People who actually quit should be proud of there accomplishment, because so many others lose there battle and become dependent for life.

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and you are much better dealing with all this now, than to have gone what? 15? 20 more years. spending god knows what in cash on things you set fire to, and never see again.. and all the while it damaging your health .. no.. your better off quit.. ohhh what we'd give for that moment again when we were poised with the first ever one in our hands eh? If I knew then what i know now.. i think i'd have thrown them on a bonfire instead.

Good for you. Sounds like your mind is made up.. well now its made up.. you stick to your guns .. and yeah.. you life actually DOES depend on your success here.

Best of luck, but with the determination you are showing so far, you will do great i'm sure!



Welcome ranton2 and congrats on your decison. You sound very determinded so keep it up - it will help heaps!

I wish you every success in the world & don't forget to keep us updated :)

Caroline x


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