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I was two months into my quit.....Back to day 1

I am upset, angry and annoyed ( The thread title says it all )

I had a house move, at the same time my dozy son got himself into MASSIVE arrears with the house he shared with his equally dozy Girlfriend and were given notice to quit.

My landlord said that my wife and i were on a 3 month trial ourselves ( he does this with every new tenant ) in answer to our question as to if we could have our Son living with us........What am i supposed to do? see him on the streets? no siree.

So he is now living with us on the pretence that he is only a regular visitor.

So yes i have cracked......But i have dusted myself down and am trying for the BIG one........The time where i REALLY do wave cigarettes goodbye.

I am determined that come hell or high water that i SHALL beat this addiction.

Peace and Light


PS - The very best of luck to everyone here.....Together we will all succeed. :)

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oh crikey what a stress, as if moving house isnt stressful enough without all the problems with youre son too. Dont be angry youve started smoking again, you took on a big upset. You have just learned something, that you can quit & the next time will be for keeps.

Good luck Ian & I feel so sorry for you


This next time you'll do it.. you'll see. Just a shame this time that it happened to occur so early on in your quit from smoking.. 8 weeks or so into your quit, yeah your doing well, but by no means out of the woods when it comes to kicking the addiction into touch.

This time.. make it happen.

Good luck to you.. hope the life issues sort themselves out somewhat. Fingers crossed.



Hi Ian :)

Sorry to hear you slipped after 2 months but it happens sometimes for most of us

Don't beat yourself up to much remember the lessons learnt and this time you'll get there

Sorry about your son and agree you couldn't see him on the streets but hope you make him pay his way with you




It happens to us all :) I was a month into my quit and started again then had a few weak quits lasting a couple of days and am now back on the road to recovery and on day 8.

So you had a little blip.....they happen unfortunately or we would all be non smokers. Don't give yourself a hard time just put all your energy into your new quit and don't look back.

Good luck

Carol xx


Hiya Ian,

Firstly sorry to hear the news but Carol is right, slip-ups happen to the best of us. I spent £250.00 on hypnotherapy & had six months smoke-free only to blow it all by going back to the start line.

But do you know what, I really don't mind. Sure, I was upset & angry at the time but its just a mistake I shall have to learn from. Theres no point dwelling on the past & its good that your dertermined to get stright back into your quit.

I wish you the very best of luck && remember each time it gets a little easier :)

Love Caroline x


nightmare situation with the housing.

still at least you know that it was over something properly stressful and not just you getting complacent or just losing the desire to be free or getting drunk or something.

jump right back in that saddle - yeah its a real shame to have to start again, but your body still had all that time off cigarettes so its not all for nothing as long as you carry on now,

stay strong! :)


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