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Day 5 - very strange

Well, today I feel as if I am in mourning for a very close friend. It's very peculiar - I don't feel strong cravings, just that something is missing in my life.

But, if you look at it logically - something has gone missing from my life and it was certainly no friend - whichever way you try to phrase it. So, I think that's my mantra today

You were no friend of mine!

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Morning Chelseagirl.

I too went through a stage where I felt "sad" that I wasn't smoking. Its normal to feel something is missing when it has dictacted our routines for so long. This feeling does pass.

Only two more days until you in the week 1 folder - brilliant.

Keep up the quit and post often.

Have a good Monday:D


Only two more days until you in the week 1 folder - brilliant.


That's a very scary thought!


Rubbish - that's an achievement! You should be so proud of each day you complete. Personally I found once I got onto the week folders, time flew a lot quicker.


These feelings pass, they honestly do. In fact, i doubt theres many that haven't gone through something similar, i call them the sighing days... on them days i quite literally just breathed deeply in, and let the biggest sigh of an exhale out.. might seem silly, but it worked for me alot.

Try it, when you get a moment to do so.. might surprise you ;)

Like i said the feeling passes, its not that your missing something, you are missing nothing truth be told.. its all part of the quit.. and you are at this moment severing the bonds to a part of the addiction now and you'll feel much better as the days and weeks roll on by.

Be happy, you are doing really well!! you truly are!



Hi Chelsea :D

Day 5 is great well done you almost a weeks done and dusted

It is normal to fell as if something is missing at this stage but as you say it was not a friend at all

Just hang in there this feeling will go and it's something most of us go through at some stage



Hi Chelsea...well done on getting to day 5....these feelings will soon disappear and you are going to feel so much better:D keep up the good work...Cheers Kez.


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