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So Dissapointed and have let myself down. Day 1 AGAIN!!!

Hey all.

I know you're all thinking day1, should I be on day 14!! Well as some know I was not well last time and last week I was hit hard by 2 medical problems. And with being so freaked out and reconsidering everything in life (at 20 I never thought I would have to do it) I smoked 5 cigarettes Since Monday. I am so disgusted with myself as I now have to go through everything again. But I know I can do it. I really want to do it and this time I am more determined. I remember the Sister at my Gp's asking if over the next 6 weeks I had anything stressful coming up and I happily said "no".... How wrong was I . 34 hours in hospital over the space of 3 days could have planned itself till I had done 6 weeks or so... No impressed with that Hehe.

So I am now counting Today as being day 1. I have been up since 6am and not had a fag, no patches either (yes I had a reaction to both brands)

Not thinking about tomorrow, just going to take each day. All dr.s have given me an all clear for 6 months so i think thats plenty of time to stick the fags.

Anyone else here failed after really wanting to give up?? Send your stories this way :)

Love Aimz x x

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Hey Aimz....pick yourself up and dust yourself off and start again.....dont beat yourself have the determination to do this and you will succeed ;)

Most of us on here have had more than one go at it...just take it one day at a time and good luck...Kez.xx


It has taken me several attempts to quit.

The worst really was back in 2002. My parents found out I was smoking - I was 18 then, and I was read the riot act - my Dad quit back in the mid-80s.

As I was home during the summer recess from University I didn't smoke for almost three months.

I went back to University, and within an hour had lit up again. That was my last major quit until February this year.

I was utterly disgusted with myself in retrospect. How could I quit for so long, and then like an idiot spark up again?!



Sorry you slipped, really wish i coulda reached out and stopped you if that were ever possible, but once you make that choice to smoke and you truly do go through with it, that deed is done.

what matters is you totally see that.. and you are back.. determined and prepared to have another crack at it.. and that takes alot of strength in itself, so you really must be congratulated on that alone.

If we gave up on riding a bike coz we fell off once or twice.. well we just never would be without stabilizers now would we eh? Dust yourself off, get right back on and peddle like merry hell this time round. Eventually you'll get to the freewheeling bit and you'll have cracked it then.

Good luck... i really mean that wholeheartedly too.. best of.


Hi Aimz :)

I'm so sorry you slipped back again but it happens to most of us sometimes

I tried and failed many times over the years until this time

Don't beat yourself up about it remember the lessone slearned and forget the rest

You've done the right thing getting straight back to quitting haveing dusted yoyrself down

Sorry about your spell in the hospital but glad the Dcos ahve given you the all clear for at least 6 months


Marg xxxxx


Me too!

I should be on day 8, but I also slipped this weekend, so I know where you are coming from.

We are doing good though by getting back up and starting again instead of continuing to smoke, so we are doing good!!!! :D

Good luck to you!



Sorry to hear that michelle, learn from what you did wrongly, and try to avoid the temptation this time around.

Keep trying.


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