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Day 6

:p Yea yea, day 6 and its getting to feel ok. I have read 3 books in that time, so am engrossing myself in 'another world' which is more of a distraction than watching rot on tv. Only moan is I have mouth ulcers, really sore. Why is that? Oh yes, and I was sick when I got up this morning. Probably unrelated but at the moment, everything seems to be connected with smoking!

This site is AMAZING and so helpful. I think we should all post our photos on our profiles!!!! :D

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Hi Agnas

Well done almost a week for you now that's great

Sorry about the mouth ulcers but many of us get them but they soon become a thing of the past




Hi Agnas,

Well done on getting to 6 days, amazing huh?

I can't help with the mouth ulcers, I didnt get any but I did get headaches, coughing and a bit of anxiety attacks (which i've never had in my whole life) but thats all past now and at the end of week 4, I feel so good I feel like I could run the london marathon!

Keep it up, remain confident and reaffirm your decision using the links in Margs posts if you ever have weak moments.



Agnas - good work - big sick isnt good though - lets hope your not pregnant eh?!

just kidding.

day 6 is great - dont worry about the ulcers they will go sooner or later,

3 books is rather impressive. I think that totals the amount of books that I have actually finished since leaving school. (started is another story - no pun intended)

keep it going.



Don't worry about the mouth ulcers.. just get treatment for them. (gel, liquid etc), and stop worrying. Treat the symptoms, and deal with the cravings.. and just stay smoke free.

As the meerkat says...'Simple!' :)


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