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Made It!

Well, I'm here finally. All that prep time starting up Champix and then cheating for a few days are behind me and I have been officially nicotine free for three days and am into my fourth day. Hooray! :D

I don't feel much different than yesterday for all that the nicotine should be out of my system. Maybe that is due to taking Champix.

Have a great day everyone,


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Ohhhh super news!!! this is the kick start you truly need, and you are bound to to see and feel the difference now that you are giving this a proper go now.

keep us updated as you go, but keep this up now.. doing very well indeed!!! :)


Oh thanks, Jase! That means a lot! :)

It was all of your posts to me that helped. I'm not sure if I replied to that but I was kind of down that day. However, it made me see what I needed to do. So, a belated thanks to this forum also.

I cannot believe the resolve I seem to have gained and I plan to make this go for life. (It's too hard to do again ... lol)



;) only too glad to be of any help, sometimes, you just need to see things a little different. One problem sometimes is its like your head is in a bit of a haze with it all, and you just need to be shown how to see through it.


Go Girl:D That is fantastic news....keep up the good work...Cheers Kez.


Much thanks! :D


Today is day four and for some reason am finding this difficult. Maybe it's because it's the weekend and I will be at home where I can smoke??? Please help. I don't want to buy a pack on the way home.



I hope you listen to the voice of experience today.. well today i'm on day 48 of quitting, and i keep saying to folk on these forums that in the early days i found both day 3 and day 4 to be the most challenging. Day 4, i started getting proper moody with folk that really didn't deserve it, and you know what ? A stupid voice started trying to convince me that to stop me being moody with people that smoking would make all that go away.

I told that nagging voice that i would not believe nor buy into its lies and that today would pass just as sure as the sun comes up in the morning and goes down in the evening.. and i decided instead of taking it out on other folk, that i would get really stubborn with that voice that was trying to convince me to smoke.


Trust me, get through today.. drive a different way home, leave your money in work if you have to so that you can't buy any anyway.. and then make your way home on a slightly different route.

Just get through today, and don't listen to that voice telling you all sorts.. its all lies about smokin.. they just don't help.. and you'll feel so much better if you just try that much harder today.

Read my signature and you'll see a link to some nice tips about how to get through cravings.. many of them work.. try some if you get a craving.. you may surprise yourself.

Good luck.. keep strong, lets see you on day 5 feeling much happier yeah?



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