No Smoking Day
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Cold Turkey Day 1

Ok, well i havent smoked for 15 Days but first day of not taking the Champix.

Talked to the nurse today, and she said to drink plenty of water to try and get the stuff out as soon as possible. Still having a few allergic reactions so sooner its out the better.

Anyway, not much change today, but will be interesting to see what the next couple of days will bring. Hopefully, as I have got past the first couple of weeks, things should be easier.

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I too had to stop taking champix due to a bad reaction to it.

I had stopped for 3 weeks and managed 3 days CT then I stupidly had a ciggie and have been backwards and forwards to day 1 since then. If you feel the craving taking over try buying some patches and using them. I wish I had done that. I am using them now and am back on day 1.

Good luck and I hope all goes well for you.

Carol xx


Thanks Carol

So did the cravings come back quite strongly, as if you were starting the first 72 hours again or would you say they were less strong?


They came back quite strong in my case which is why I started again. Sorry.

But as I said have a think about using something else if you are struggling. No point in wasting all the hard work you have done. Wish I had done that :)

Like you I drank plenty of water to get rid of the campix and after a couple of days started to feel better and would say it took around a week to feel completely back to normal.

Carol xx


ok will do. I am on holiday for a week starting on Thursday so hopefully this will be enough of a distraction.

Will keep a note on how i feel and will deffo turn to something else before lighting up!


Hang on in have come so far :)

Good luck

Carol xx


The main trick for you is dealing with the cravings effectively when and if they happen. Check out the link in my signature for 19 ways to deal with cravings as theres a lot of good tips in that.

If your on holiday there will already be plenty to distract you though, you'lll no doubt be just fine, but be prepared just in case.


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