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The 10 th Day

Hi All

Well its nearly the end of the tenth day , its been a good but busy day , started of going to the choropidist this morning , she had stopped smoking for 6mths but started up on holiday again , felt sorry for her but if i was honest it was the last thing i wanted to hear , met up with some friends one who's stopped for over a year he's looking great .Up here the Nhs is having a free smoking clinics where they hand out patches and inhaler's for free on their three month program ive been offered more inhaler capsuls from people who were on the program but still smoking , but i dont want to go down that road its just defeating the purpose of weening me of nicotine , im still not comfortable standing next to somebody's that smoking can smell the tobacco and it kinda gets to me , but i know i'll get past that hurdle , well its nearly the start of day 11 thanks for being their

all the best


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No Rab, ... thank you for being here. nuff said.


Well done Rab

Double figures is great, and yes you will get to the point where smokers are no problem, I actually find them a pain now. The other day I was running past a smoker and as I breathed in they exhaled a large cloud of smoke it made me feel quite angry, like it was some kind of violation.


Hi Rab :D

You're doing great and now on day 11 well done

The smokers won't bother you for to much longer so yes that will be another hurdle you've jumped


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hiya rabbie, congrats on getting into double figures, you're well on your way to being free from addiction. Standing with smokers takes a bit of getting used to but the more you do it the more comfortable you'll feel in that situation in the future. Your chiropodist probably started smoking again because she forgot the commitment she made or maybe she quit by herself and didn't use any support methods such as this forum, there are lots of reasons for relapse and it doesn't mean you will too :cool: I still have a bit of trouble when standing with smokers but now the problem is reversed, their smoke irritates my throat. I always hated those arseholes who did the *cough* *cough* thing whenever I was smoking, self-richeous gits and I don't want to be one of them.. but it does irritate my throat, so what can I do eh? Anyhoo keep it up and before long you'll have trouble remembering that you even smoked.


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