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Day 9

I'm on day 9 of Champix, not stopped the ciggies completely, cut down though.

Hoping i'll stop between days 10 and 12.

Have had a horrid week though. Have been feeling like my heads been in a fog all week, extreamly tired, wanted to cry at everything.

Yesterday was the worst, felt incredibly sick all day, after taking my second tablet when I got home from work I was sick.

I had been taking the tablet then eating straight after or not eating at all on the lower dose, they didn't bother me. So didn't think the higher dose would either, how wrong was I?

I was supposed to be going to a colleagues 50th birthday party last night, 70's and 80's fancy dress, was going as a punk, got all my outfit together and was really looking forward to it. Couldn't go, was too ill and in bed from 930pm and slept till 730am this morning. I'm gutted I let her down.

Have eaten before the tablet this morning, so far not been sick but I think my stomach is still quite delicate from yesterday and I still feel sick.

Also feel like I have hair stuck in the back of my throat, all the time.

I'm really struggling with myself at the moment, I want to pack up, I really do, but at the same time i'm still smoking. I'm still feeling like a smoking leper, I guess I'm feeling like a drug addict, so drawn in by the drugs, trying to keep away, knowing how disappointed I and others would be if I stopped the Champix, but still the drug keeps willing me to it, it's hell!

I want to be at the stage I can say, this is it, I'm no longer going to smoke but right now I can't see me getting there. Perhaps I wasn't as mentally prepared as I thought I was, I don't know.

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Hi Tboots :D

Day 9 of champix and as you've cut down they are working for you and feel sure you'll stop completely in a day or two

Sorry to hear though that you've had a bad time

The muzzy headed feeling, tiredness and wanting to cry are all normal just now and will pass Promise

As for the sickness try eating before you take them as they recommend and it should be fine it never pays to take drugs on an empty stomach if you continue to feel/be sick after another couple of days please see your Dr to set your mind at rest OK and if it becomes worse before then earlier As I'm sure you already know not all drugs suit everyone

Sorry you missed the party last night as you felt ill explain to your friend as I feel sure she'll understand the reason


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi TBoots

Sorry to hear you having a rough time at the mo. I had a few bad days on the Champix where I thought I couldn't carry on, severe stomach cramps, nausea, etc but persevered. You can do it - hang in there. I know its easy for people to say when its not them feeling rough.

As Marg says, go back and see your Doc, even if its just to put your mind at rest.

With regard to the throat, I had a "strange" mouth and tongue, and popped along to see the nurse just to find out what was going on. Tongue felt like it was twice its size. Was told it was normal and they suggested using a Antibacterial mouthwash (thinks its called Cordisil - probably not spelt right) as mouth/tongue are getting rid of all the rubbish that was coating them and throat and making new linings, so more prone to germs at the minute.

Hope you feel better soon. :o


Sorry guys, i've decided to stop the Champix for now and speak to my cessation nurse on monday.

Just can't keep feeling like this, it's like a hangover minus the banging head only it's all the time and as daft as this sounds I have too much to do to keep running to the loo to be ill! And I'm certainly not going to take time off work because i'm ill because of something i'm putting in my body.

It's not all bad though, I have managed to go 6 1/2 hours today without a ciggie, and i'm going to try and keep cut down and perhaps it may be easier for me to quit cold turkey.

Thank you all so much for your support and I will keep updating my progress with you all. I'm not beaten yet.


Good call Tboots - only you know what is best, and if you are worried best to stop and go and talk to the experts.

Meanwhile, look after yourself.


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