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Starting to feel in control

Morning all,

Well it's day 3 of taking the champix for me and to be honest I feel as if I am getting some control over the cigarettes.

Went out to friends last night and took the usual, bottle of wine and packet of 10 cigarettes, but found as the night was getting on that I wasn't going outside as often as usual or even when I did it was just to carry on with the conversation that I was in and not to have a cigarette. Normally on one of these nights I would easily smoke 10 but last night I came home with 7 !!:D

Don't really seem to be having any side effects with the champix but am still getting a slight headache when I have a smoke, so I am not really enjoying smoking so looks like this time I will be able to see it through:)

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Congrats, it's a great feeling. Stay strong remain positive and reaffirm to yourself why your quit. This will help keep your quit strong.


Hi Debby :D

Well done you on day 3 of taking champixand already you feel the need to smoke as much that's brilliant

Only three last night while having a drink with firends instead of at least 10 well done indeed

That slight headache you're getting is normal but will pass OK I got it when I smoked with them as well it just shows it's working for you


Marg xxxxxxxx


thought i'd replied to this one today already, must have got lost in my webbrowser :).

Congrats to you .. keep up the pace and heres to the coming week ahead and may you rise to any challenges ahead and pass by them.

Good luck, be strong and hope to see you conquering this.


Why is this post even in here???

You haven't even stopped smoking yet.

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