No Smoking Day
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4 weeks & 4 days

i feel fine, kind of getting used to it, keep expecting a fall (story of my life!!) :)

i kind of losing the anxious/butterfly stomach & is being replaced by a strength like a fire inside, think ive been swapped in the night :D

Today fine, skipped a girlie house party tonight though, did feel strong enough but i am just completely exhausted due to my youngest being unsettled for 2 nights on the run(teething i think - the final ones)

so im here over a month into quit & i cant believe it...buzzing

thanks for listening & speak later x:)

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oh i am listening, and pleased with your progress into your second month.. well done, and glad to see you are finding a new you helping you to cope even more than you did before :) Looking forward to getting as far as you have :)


Hi KitKat :D

Well done you that's great Big Hug

You sound 100% different to waht you did just a couple of days ago

Keep it up onwards and upwards


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


thanks jase, i can honestly say at this point now it is a good feeling, maybe its sinking in what i am acheiving? dont get me wrong the thought of a fag seem appealing, but its just a thought for doing good to jase you be here before you know it :)

marg i know it a bit uncanny how i feel unless ive just had my revelation at this point? time will tell

take care all going bed soon x


Hi Kitkat

Oh - well done you! Fantastic achievement. :D


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