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OMG the view from here is great

Hello Everyone in week 2, what a pleasure it is to finally be able to meet you ;)

Ok so most of you i know already but nothing wrong with formal introductions.

So my CT quit has had a few wobbles in the 1st seven day, but here i am, and well done me:D

Today has not been too bad, i have been to mum and dads in law, neither smoke, and i visited my mum and dad (mum smokes).

So i am fairly sure (havin don't it before) that the only thing that will get me smoking again is white wine, red wine, lager, bacardi, or one of the many shapes that devil alcohol comes in, and my next big test will be my hols in Greece (12/8) 2 weeks all inclusive. I am not going to put any pressure on myself, just take it one day at a time a try not to get too drunk, anyway that is another 2 weeks yet so lets just get on with the next 7 days for now.

Well done to all my fellow quitters, the only way is up;)

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He he welcome to Week 2 Bev,

I'm glad it's been a good day for you. I guess holidays are just another of those hurdles we have to jump! Mine starts on Sunday so i'll let you know how it's going ;o)


Hi Bev!

Welcome to Week 2 Bev - it's great to have you with us! :D

At least you know where your problem is going to come from - just be careful of anything that get thrown in from left-field. Stay strong and stay vigilant! As you say, plenty of time to consolidate your quit before you go away - enjoy!


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