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No Smoking Day
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Am I dreaming?

Last night whilst OH was at work I had half a ciggy which was was yummy! A bit later on I smoked the other half - When I woke up I was absolutely devasted that this had happened - and so easily too :(

I then woke up properly and realised that it was all just a dream. I no longer feel like a fraud as the 'nic monster' is trying to get into my head now.

I have come too far to give in to it and I now know how evil it can be - I remember reading about other peoples dreams i wondered why I never had them - and now that I am having them I don't want them - Dreams they are not - Nightmares are what they are, but as long as they stay confined to slumber land then that's fine with me as I, along with everyone else, now know the truth about the 'nic monster'.

Love and Light to you all and I hope today is a good day.:D

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Oh Phew! How awful was that!

I'm not sure how I would cope with that - but I am so relieved it was all a dream!


Hi Ishta :D

Phewwwwwwww glad it turned out only to be a nightmare for you I know exactly what you mean I only had a couple but for sure don't want anymore


Marg xxxxxxx


Ishta i had this around the end of week 1 and into the start of week 2, the dream seemed so real, it was as though i could taste, smell and feel everything in the dream, and i woke after it.. really upset and devastated that i'd smoked.. i was convinced i'd had one, then as i sat up in bed, i realised it was definitely a dream.. and i got a sense of relief again.

I too hate those dreams and will be very glad to have no more of them, but now think of this as just being a desparate attempt by the addiction monster to lure me once more. NO!!!!!! not gonna happen :)


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