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Feel like a fraud?

I'm actually feeling a bit like a fraudster today as I have'nt really missed smoking one little bit. But then I do have a patch on for 24 hours. I hope I never get a real urge to smoke again but then that may not happen (if at all) until october when the patches stop altogether. Should I then go back to Day One as really that is when I'll be free of the nicotine monster. Bit confused really.

Thanks to Carol as well for her kind words earlier. Time is a great healer.

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Don't feel like a fraud enjoy every minute of enjoying not smoking.............well done you :)

Even although you are using the patches you are still ciggie free so your days still count.

Yes time is a great healer :)

Have a lovely day been smoke free and don't feel guilty because you feel good.

Carol xx


I'm using patches too, day 19 here now, and I don't consider the patches as being still smoking, and so when i come off the patches i'll be pleased, and yes i'll class myself as day 1 in the respect that i'm no longer using anything to assist me, but i'll be counting all the days i spent not smoking as being my actual figure for number of days quit altogether. Why not just run the two totals side by side. No biggie.

No way are you a fraud though.


Hi Ishta :D

You have absolutely no need to feel like a fraudster at all

the patches are helping you stay smoke free and that's all that matters

You have no need to go back to day one in October when the patches stop

I'm also pleased to hear that you don't miss smoking


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Yes definitely no fraud! You're doing really well so just enjoy it :O)

I had hideous cravings in my first week despite being on NRT so it's not a magic cure - you still deserve massive congrats for stopping.

I don't think having us all in Day 1 until we are off NRT would work so I'm staying in week 2 he he

well done again!


:p Thanks Guys your comments are really appreciated and you're all right - to get this far without smoking is a tremendous achievement whether using NRT or not.

So well done to each and everyone of us on NRT or CT or Champix :D:D


....(think Ill stay in week 2 too! lol)


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