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Fifty to one

Hi all,

I am an idiot; I wanted to make that clear right from the outset. I started again. After a fifty day quit I gave into temptation while on holiday and started again. I ignored all the advice I was given, I ignored all the benefits of being a non smoker and started again. On the first day of our holidays I gave into temptation and started smoking again.

So tomorrow is day one, again. I am right back to square one. I can offer no excuses; I simply gave onto the cravings and gave into the temptation that got stronger and stronger over on holiday. The cheap booze, sun and holiday feeling all combined and I gave way and allowed the cigarette back in. I knew I was wrong, I know I was being stupid but I did it never the less. So tomorrow is day one again, what a bloody idiot.

Regards stateofgrace

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Theres nothing i can see that will help how you feel, i did what you did when on holiday and i know that gutted feeling.

You did get to day 50 though, ok you've tripped and fallen, grazed your knee a bit.. but you've recognised it, and starting again. So that is good !

Holidays and the freedom they give do silly things, with cheap drink and indeed cheap smokes available everywhere, the temptation is high... at least its now a longish time til your next holiday .. use that time well and hope you get past your high score of 50 days and stay off them this time.

( big hug to you ), you need one right now.


Never mind, your back on track now and that's what matters!;)

Look forward to talking and having a few laughs.... there have been alot of late :D




I too fell by the wayside recently from day 25!!! And I didn't have the excuse of being on holiday I was just plain weak and stupid.

Today I am back on day's gutting to be all the way back down here but hey them is the breaks. No point in giving yourself a hard time it doesn't change anything.

I'll be waiting for you and hopefully we'll get back up there again.............I would so like to make it to 50 days :)

Carol xx


Hi Stateofgrace :)

Hug for you just now

Sorry to hear you gave in but it's done and no use beating yourslef up for it

Glad to hear you're starting again and this time you know the pitfalls to look out for

As you say and I admire you for that no excuses you just gave in to the holiday feelings

So tomorrow back to day 1 and you know we'll all still be here for you


Marg xxxxxxxxxx



Well done for getting back on the wagon, and being so honest with us all. Us "newbies" need to hear what you are saying so we can learn.

Good luck for Day 1. :D


Good for stopping again

been there so many times and like you there was never really any excuse other than I gave in!!

You did great to get to day 50, some of us only dream of that day

Just remember this time to watch more carefully for the temptations and when they do raise their ugly heads, tell them that this time they are not going to win

All the best for you Quit and thanks for being so honest and truthful



Oh don't give yourself too hard of a time.... It happens. A holiday is the worst time especially if it involves the temptations of bars and booze. Also, you are having fun, relaxing and the conditioning is that you are used to smoking with that.I purposely started again before going to glastonbury festival because i knew i'd smoke. I worried about it for a year!

Keep on giving up. Eventually we'll do it!


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