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Day 5 - on the Inhaler

Hey again everyone, I've managed to get through day 5 (woo!) so far ive been using the nicotene inhaler since i figured it was the most like smoking it would be less of a shock to switch over to than gum or the patch, but i usually just end up sucking back nicotene cartridges much more frequently than I would ever smoke... I see that a lot of you have used Champix? I'm not too sure what it is or its side effects are other than it being "The Quit Smoking Pill", I'm starting to think maybe its something I should look into.

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I quit using the inhaler, (12 weeks tomorrow, 6 weeks weithout the inhaler). Previously I had tried most of the other quit aids (including Zyban once, not Champix though) and I would say that the number one difference in this quit being more sucessful is willpower, I really want to quit this time rather than just trying to quit because it is the sensible option. Number two difference is the support on this forum but you have already found that :)

I think the inconvenient truth is that no matter what quit aid you use it will be difficult and nothing will make the cravings magically go away other than time. :(

Big congratulations on 5 days quit, I promise you it gets sooooo much easier over time, stick with it and in a few weeks you will be over the worst.


Hi Brian :D

Well done on day 5 of your quit

I don't know much about the inhalor as I never used one so can't advice on this but someone will be along that has soon I expect to help you

I used Champix and found it really good it works on the brain and makes you not want to smoke anymore sometime in the 2nd week of taking it

There are several side effects that you may get but as you probablt know one gets all side effects of any drug

The only one I got was a little nausea with the morning one which as solved by taking it a bit later instead of first thing

The lightheaded feeling or dizziness is I think fairly common for all quitters not just champix takers

Hope this helps


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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