Going to my Smoking Cessation Group

I'm looking forward to going. It will be good to see the others in the group to see how their doing. Three of us have been texting each other during the week and so far, no fags between us. The majority of the group are using Champix. I stopped the patches after 5 days and, so far, have had one bit of gum today. For me, the group and this forum have been a huge support. So, nearing the end of Day 8 and I don't have to have another shower, brush my teeth (yet again: no wonder I've got a full set:D) and pick up any stray fag butts from the garden before I go out!! Oh, the trials and tribulations of being a secret (ex) smoker. x

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  • Hi Pauline :D

    Well done you on 8 days that's great

    Also well done on no gum as yet today and not using thepatches either

    Hope you enjoyed the cessation group Big Hug


    Marg xxxxxxxx

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