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Day 1 Quit Smoking Day 12 Champix

Hi all, well this is it, after 12 days of Champix I've thrown away the last of my cigs and committed to being a non smoker for the rest of my life. Now I could at this point say things like 'well we will see' but I am soooo determined this is it! So how's it been so far? OK, have had a few moments when I have had an 'I want a ciggy' moment but I really think that is about habit of smoking rather than the nicotene addiction and I've passed by those moments fairly easily with chewing gum. So far today I have only eaten my usual cereal breakfast and a cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch, no biscuits or sweets. I am tired and very light headed, not so much of the feverish sweaty moments I was getting yesterday but I think some of these problems may be my heart meds. Still, going to see the practice nurse Friday so get my BP checked out. I will admit to feeling deathly bored, I can't seem to concentrate much on anything right now, not to read or listen to anything on the radio or even watch a film or anything on tv. I honestly feel I want to sleep but know it would be better to get out and walk. Well I'm babbling, going to give in to a short nap then get up and cook. Oh want to ask what sort of time of day most people take their 2nd Champix tab, I've been taking it late just before I go to bed but now I'm not smoking I wondered if I would be better to take it teatime cos I'm a bit worried about the evening slot when I used to smoke more.

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Hi Justsayno

How are you doing with the not smoking? Im not actually doing too badly, apart from thinking about them a lot, which my nurse informed me yesterday was perfectly normal, and the fact that im stuck at home whereas normally id be in work isnt helping me, have way too much time on my hands to think about em.

I take my first champix when I get up in the morning and my nurse said I should leave at least 8 hours between the morning an evening one, so I have been taking my second one at around 7 - 8 pm each night. Hope this helps.

Im off watch a spot of TV (so hope this is a new series of New Tricks and not another bloody repeat) and then bed I think.

Wishing you well, hope your day 2 has been as good as day 1.

Wobbles xx



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