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Enough is enough

I was sent this pm fron shahnoor at 9.21pm

Default hello

using champix eh? well you see you are still being supplied with nicotine so your craves will not finish until you cease the supply but yes you are atlleast saved from those horrible monooxide but think it out, you can minimize your smokes if you are having such problems, i mean there are numerous smokers living off a pleasant life, and still everyone has to die whether smokers or nonsmokers so why torture yourself, anyway many non-smokers too die a tormenting death. do some healthy exercises together with smoking and you will be well enough but on the contrary if you feel fine that you can fight it with your will power for the rest of your life, each and every day of it, then this is good too. if you dont believe me that you will always have these cravings for many years to come, have a look at some of the posts in 1+ year

take care

take care

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How can I report him? Telling me that non smokers can die a horrible death is out of order especially when i lost my mum to cancer and watched her die a horrible death.

I've had enough now this has really upset me and he should not be allowed to do this.

Carol x


Please do as BB suggests but not to Mod 1 as he's no longer active

Many thanks

Moderator 2


I'm with you :)

Hi Caz,

I have reported as well.

I am ABSOLUTELY appalled by this fool, Nasty, Nasty piece of work.

Sending you great big HUGE hugs.

Gaynor xx


Me too ...............thought I was safe in my PM's but obviously not.

He did not pick a good day to start on me and he should think himself very lucky it was over the web cos if he had said these things to my face..............well he would have wished it was marg's toe caps he was receiving.

Oh well there is no way I am having a fag now just to prove him wrong :D

Carol xxxxxx



Yours posts today on this forum has been reported to NSD with a recommendation from myself that you should be banned if your posts continue with the negative contribution shown so far today

You have given an explanation as to why your posts became so negative and abusive but I assume this is no longer your cousin and your posts are still coming across as being trolling and flaming

The NSD rules forbids this type of conduct on this forum

I would like to ask all members to leave this situation for this evening and wait for NSD to decide on things tomorrow, things can only be flamed if there is more than one person involved

Moderator 2


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