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Do you come here often ?? - I hope not !!

I am so disappointed in myself - I have fallen !! Started on Day 6 really in my head and finally on Day 8 evening I succumbed - now I really annoyed as I assume I have to start all over again and go through the same level of withdrawal symptoms as I had last time ( or will the fact that the nicotine level is still relatively low help a little ? ) - which for the first 4 or 5 days were ghastly. On top of that it is really weird - I had no sleeping problems whatsoever before I quit or indeed fortunately while I was stopped for the eight days - since I took up the pernicious weed 2 days ago I have been waking up at 3 in the morning and unable to sleep from then - is this my poor old body saying hell you took it away - just getting used to no nicotine - and wham you have just chucked some at me and the adrenalin it is causing is stopping me sleeping ? Bad enough not being able to sleep but then lie there churning it over and over in my mind. I have chewed this over and over and I am going to have another go - - have booked myself a few days off and I shall quit again and give myself a few days to come to terms with the initial symptoms of stopping as I find it almost impossible to sit in front of my pc working when my head is all over the place. I am also going to prepare for that by getting some glucose to help with the low blood sugar problem which was pretty severe in my instance.

I wonder if there is anybody out there that would be prepared to be my quitting buddy as I live alone and work from home - could do with someone to help me along - sorry to have let us down and even sorrier to have let myself down !!

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Hi Hoboatheart :)

I am so sorry to read this you were doing just fine

Don't beat yourself up to much over it you're not the first and you won't be the last, you'll have learnt from this I'm sure and you only truly fail if you stop trying and just carry on smoking

Well done deciding to have another go at it so soon get your head right with reading the posts and the links in our signatures to help you

As for the problems with sleep nicotine is a stimulant so maybe that is why you've had this problem since you started again

I don't thibk the withdrawal will be so severe this time as you'll have a lower level of it in your system as to whether or not you go back to day one or carry on from where you started smoking again is entirely up to you

There are several people on here at around the same quit level as you and I'm sure one or more of them would love you as a quit buddy just reading the posts will show you which ones, either ask them on here or send a PM to them and ask

Remember we're all here for you whenever you need us for whatever reaon


Marg xxxxxxxx


Ready to help

I am here and ready to help any way I can!! I am only on day 19 but have quit 7 times.......You are probably thinking you might not want someone to talk to that has failed so many times. However I have learned an awful lot from all those failed attempts!

Don't give up...keep quitting until you make it!



Yes Please

I would be so so grateful for any help I can get - I am so disappointed in myself - I am appreciating far more now what to expect - so that may help a little - understanding more about trigger points etc. I had no conception of just how addictive this b......y drug is and I have been hard at it for 40 years ! I also understand now that I should have been much much more pleased with my 8 days than I was - it is obvious now that one can expect a very long journey before even feeling any benefits. Also I live alone and work from home - I am sure there is an element of boredom as well as a long standing HABIT to break !! To be honest as I smoke a cigarette now I am not really enjoying it that much - it is more the thought that one would that made me fall over - became fairly obssessed about how much I needed and wanted one - bet you know exactly what I mean !

I have determined I am quitting again on Friday 17th and have a few days off after that - also I think my Mothers idea of some glucose tablets and glucose powder is brilliant because the blood sugar problem was probably the worst of my withdrawal symptoms along with fatigue obviously - additional oxygen to be coped with which also makes on dizzy and the ghastly headaches which I am not prone to !!

In the meantime I have reduced intake right right down and will continue to do that until Friday - I am comforted by Margarets words that the level of nicotene will not be as high for sometime as it was on my first attempt -a good reason to minimize any smoking before Friday comes !! No ashtray in the office - means I have to go downstairs and interupt my work - that will cut heaps out that I smoked never even knowing really if I had had them !! = zero pleasure clearly - just HABIT !

Anyway thanks for your kindness - I will take myself back to Day 8 when I quit and start from there - I am keeping a calendar so I know the plan etc. !!!


I have determined I am quitting again on Friday 17th and have a few days off after that - I will take myself back to Day 8 when I quit and start from there - I am keeping a calendar so I know the plan etc. !!!

Don't understand, you are smoking untill the 17th, then you will stop again and be eight days smokefree, is that right? David


Anyway thanks for your kindness - I will take myself back to Day 8 when I quit and start from there - I am keeping a calendar so I know the plan etc. !!!

Hi H,

Don't think you can count the first 8 days anymore as quit days, it doesn't really work that way if you smoke inbetween......:confused: think you may need to start from scratch again.


Which day I start at

Sorry guys it really is unimportant in the scheme of things - I will go back to day 1 and I see your point - it was Margaret who told me I could either go back to the day I fell off or go back to Day 1 it didn't really matter - I will go back to Day 1 - and to be fair I have already started marking my personal calendar accoringly - all I want to do is give it another try as soon as I can - thanks


Very well done Shahnoor. Seems as if you know what the score is.


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