Day two feeling positive still

:)Hi everyone still feeling good no smokes today peaches and plums instead

off to the sunbed later with my daughter,

for those of you who are on champix my husband is on his last pkt and has not smoked at all even though i was im giving up for myself and my husband

and for a smoke free home my husband was on40-50 cigs a day for nearly 30 yrs i can say he looks very good and is putting on weight which he needed to do

so yes a good medication

well hope you all have a good day

see you tommorow.


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  • Hi Steph,

    Good to see you sounding so positive, keep it up. And well done to your husband too. Peaches and plums are way better than fags and cigs.:D

    Stay strong


  • Hi Steph :D

    Well done on getting to day 2, that's great

    Glad to hear you're feeling good as well, please say well done to your hubby


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi stph, well done to you and your husband, you are both doing fantastic, and peachs and plums sound lovely, maybe that is where i went wrong, if i hadent chose caks, biscuits, crisps, nuts etc i might not have put on so much weight, (ha ha),

    take care, x


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