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End of week 2

Hi all,

Am now on day 14 and about to step into the unknown of week 3, I still find mornings hard, am soooo grumpy and have had to change my whole routine in the morning as used to have fag, cuppa tea and watch the news, then off to work, now I have to get up and go, no tea, no telly just off to work in a grump, lets hope that passes.

Anyhoo, I was on a tread this morning discussing pros and cons of the electronic ciggy with Davofgy.........but seems it was pulled cause I guess the guy who started the thread was advertising, anyway it got me thinking.....what are the pros and cons? Is it just another form of smoking?

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Hi Kate, I saw that thread this morning & thought it sounded like someone trying to push it rather than a serious question. Personally I would not bother with it as it really does seem like replacing a ciggie with something else if that makes, sense. I know what I mean LOL. Mornings are my worst time ever as well but it has been easier this last week (week 3) just had to find a different routine so hang on in there. Love. G. xx


Hi Katie :D

2 weeks done and dusted well done you, hope you're proud of yourself

Sorry you still feel it badly in the mornings but it will soon pass now

I also saw that thread this morning I don't know much much about the electronic fags just what I've gleaned from here, but it appears that they put nicotine back into the body without some of the other chemicals but am sure someome will correct me if i'm wrong about that

As you stopped with champix all nicotine is gone from your system long since so I don't really think you'll want to go down that road


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi Gaynor, Marg

My thoughts exactly, I was saying to David this morning (before it was pulled) that I considered smoking herbal fags when I quit but that a friend said look Kate either you are going to stop smoking or your not, stop finding excuses not to stop, if you smoke herbals you are still smoking...........she was right and I think this electric thing would be the same, for me anyway. xx


That was my thought as well Kate. I did look at them a while ago as saw an add on something. I think it worked out quite expensive as well (I know, cigs wheren't cheap!!) Your freind was right as well. I did try some rose herbal ciggies once years ago. They where foul so wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. Never, ever want to put anything that resembles a fag in mouth again LOL.xx


I think there is a thread somewhere about the electronic cigarette (a real one :D) It provides nicotine to your body so you would still be addicted. Also it has not really been tested enough to see if it is safe....

Things will get easier soon, Kate! The grumpiness will fade, your mornings will be pleasant again, and I am pretty sure you will be just fine with tea and morning news again soon!! Break the associations a step at a time and you'll find you can be in similar situations and not miss fags at all...... early on in a quit that sounds so impossible but just trust me :)


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