8 months and a bit!

Its such a great feeling:D

We had a friend stay over night,who smokes.

I said No Smoking In the house,but I knew He had been smoking In the house,the smell was AWFUL!!YUck!

I had to open every window and door to get some fresh air through,Blinking Disgusting!

I was really angry:mad: but In a way it did me a favour at least I know how sick the smell makes me feel now.

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  • Hi Hope :D

    Great going at just over 8 months CONGRATULATIONS

    I hope you gave that friend a right royal [being polite] telling off for smoking indoors when you told him not to arghhhhhhhh


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Hope your doing fab hun. Soon be in the penthouse the way your going.xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Hope,

    Over 8 months that`s great Well done.


  • Hi Hope

    I'd have been livid too!

    Well done on that awesome quittage, see you in the penthouse :)



  • I would've told them I was going to make them pay to have the house professionally cleaned (over the top I know - but would've made a point!).

    Sorry, but as a smoker I would never have smoked in someones house who had asked me not to.... no matter what the weather I would have gone outside.

  • I agree with StuartH, I would have made them pay to have placed cleaned. Even when a smoker myself, I did not smoke in my own home, let alone anyone else's, yes ok if they were a smoker then fine, but I still asked before I lit up. I would not dream of assuming I could smoke in someone else house or their car for that matter. In fact when I drove someone to work some years ago (I was then smoking in my car) out of respect for them I never lit up.

    xxxxx Pupalup xxxxx

  • Hi Hope,

    Congratulations on passing 8 months. Fantastic.

    I have to say that I would not let anyone else smoke in the house, even before I quit - and I wouldn't smoke in the house either. Maybe cigs need to be handed over at the front door!!


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