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3 weeks today

Coudnt get on yesterday as comp got a virus and my son ended up having to wipe it for me sob. Anyway back up and running and have completed a full 3 weeks with not ONE puff. Feel really proud of myself and feel a lot better than I have done before. Thanks for all your help :)

Three weeks, 6 hours, 48 minutes and 56 seconds. 574 cigarettes not smoked, saving £123.55. Life saved: 1 day, 23 hours, 50 minutes.

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Hi Mel, Well done you! Have you treated yourself with all that money you've saved? Thats both of us heading for week 4 now :D. Love. Gaynorxx


Hello Mel,

You are doing great the first month will be here sooner than you think well done:D



Hi Mel :D

Great well done you on 3 weeks you've every right to be proud of yourself

Glad to hear you're feeling well to


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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