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Aces day 4

Morning all, how are you all doing?

Im finding it ok so far feel more determind than last time and i have not got any emergency cigarettes hidden away this time. Ive also brought the allen carr game for the DS which is quite fun.Not had to many cravings though i find it harder when i get into week 2 because that is where i relapse the most.But i feel this time i have escaped for good.

lee x

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Hi Lee,

Glad your Day 4 is going well. Stay positive, keep strong and you will get past the 2 week mark this time.:D



Well done on day 4

I was debating whether to buy that game, do you think it helps you with the quit or is it just a fun thing


Well done Lee

Take it one day at a time and Im sure you will get past week two. i seen that game in asda you will have to let us know if its any good.xxxxx


Nice going, Lee! Keep that positive attitude...... we all look at week 1 as the toughest (and it sure feels that way!) but week 2 follows and some of our passion and drive drifts away..... fags seem to have a whole being of their own and they are manipulative! So watch out, stick to your guns, keep telling yourself of all the positive gains and the tremendous freedom you will gain and week 2 should not be a problem at all! Good luck to you!


Hi Lee :D

So glad it's going well for you on day 4

I'm pleased you don't have any hidden away for emergencies this time


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


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