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day 7 cant stand this sick feeling

hi can anyone tell me how long this sickness last i am on day 17 of champix and day 7 of not smoking how long do i have to take the tablets for dont want to feel like this for months on end not smoking is easy with chamix but i am so tierd and sickly . please any advice as i dont want to crack and end up smoking again thanks :rolleyes:

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Hi Val,

I'm afraid I can't help you about Champix, but there are others on the forum who have experience of it and I'm sure they'll be along shortly. Many people swear by Champix.

Well done for completing a week smoke-free, that's brilliant. I'm sure you don't want to go back to day 1 and go through this all again. Keep strong and you will get through this.



Hi Val,

I'm on day 20 something of taking Champix, will have to check diary when I get home, but has only been this week that I have not felt sick, the first few weeks were horrible and the sickness lasted quite a good couple of hours, just drink plenty plenyt water and take on a full tummy - I was thinking the same as you ie I'd rather smoke than feel this miserable - it was like a permanent hangover - it does get easier tho, promise....just hang in there.

PS I found if I ate something took pills then straight away ate somemore I didn't feel soooo sick

Kate xxxx


Never taken Champix myself but other people all say to make sure you eat with them. Well done on your first week and hope you feel better soon.xxxxx


Hi Val :D

I'm sorry yuo're feeling sick on Champix at the moment but it will pass I promise

I also took champix and felt sick on it but I just took it late [about 9/9.30]instead of first thing at that stopped the problem

I hope this will help

Well done on 1 week completed


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


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