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Reasons = Life

My reasons for stopping are ;

1 = Health- not climbing the stairs and feeling breathless, emphysema has destroyed (killed) close family members of mine. and it is not nice to see people struggling to get there breath.i also have asthma and when i dont smoke i dont need inhalers ,so that says it all.

2 = Smell. to have all senses of smell back regardless if they are good or bad.

3 = Wealth- will be nice to have some money spare and to spend it wisely on something which i need for the home or days out or to pamper so many choices what fun.

4 = age !! i always promised myself i would only smoke till the age of 40 and im 2 years ahead.

5 = Control. i want to be in control of me, not nicotine controlling me every ten minutes i really dont want to be addicted anymore.

life is so precious and i use to think to myself WHY WHY WHY are you putting this crap into your lungs to feel like crap afterwards their is no REAL enjoyment there it is just FAKE. i just wish i had listerned to my inner voice years before now and i can promise this is going to my my last quit i will no longer let nicotine rule me and waste what life i have left......The End

Now its the beginning of my new smoke free life to come.i am ready to fight any crave i have as harry hill would say FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT ...

Ali xx

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Nice post, Ali.... all great reasons!! If you keep them at the forefront not much fighting will be necessary.... we only have to fight hard when we start glorifying the fag and thinking we are actually missing something..... the feeling deprived thing is what makes ya have to fight..... so stay positive and happy and it will be a breeze for you! Take care :)


Hi Ali :D

What a great post

Keep those reasons in your mind, better still print them off and keep them close by for if/when you hit a bad day

They will give you the strength/willpower you need to fight this addiction we all have and must fight to stay free, to be in control and not be controlled


Marg xxxxxxxx


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