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Haven't stopped by in a while


But I wanted to let you know I am Free and Healing for Twenty Six Days, 7 Hours and 57 Minutes. Been a tough couple of weeks. My wife had to have surgery last Monday the 27th of April and I have been doing more than normal...but I have still not smoked. Weened myself off the patches after 2 weeks. I really felt like I needed to do this with the help of friends and my own willpower.

Couple of more days and it will be one month since I have had a smoke. Never thought I would see the day.

Thanks to one and all for you words and encouragement. Believe me...it has helped.

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Hi Jtee :D

It's good to hear from you again and well done on 26 days

I'm sorry your wife had to have surgery and hope she feels better now

Also well done woth that worry for not smoking


Marg xxxxxx

well done for coming through that. I hope your wife has recovered ok. Facing that will make your quit resolve stronger I am sure xx

Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Jtee,

Well done for getting through a difficult time and staying smoke-free, it really will help you for the future. Almost a month now :D.

Keep strong.


Well done, you have done fantastic, staying smoke free through a tough time so early in your quit will have definately made you stronger! Hope your wife is ok, keep strong and take care.


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