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Day 4, gimme some more!

Hi folks,

A few cravings today, but all in all a good day. Wow, just checked the time, it's late to be writing my thread. Oh well, things are good, went to work, read 70 pages of a book, met with a friend. Yippedy-do! I've started flossing now, dunno why I am mentioning that, but I spose I am more aware of health etc, now. Wow I feel so good at the moment. Hope you guys are doing ok, and still hanging in there.

It'll be the weekend soon! Yee-haa! :cool:

Love P. x

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Hi raddleman

Great to hear you have had a good day.Think im going to be more health wise soon aswell, think ill start running more and get fit.Yay the weekend is soon here wooohoooo! though i really want to go out down town saturday night but i am scared that once ive had a few pints in me them cigarettes might start winking at me!



stick with it whether you drink or not...How's things with that young lady (the date) - or did I miss an update??

No drinks for a couple weeks, and I don't intend to go there. :D

Gemma is trying to get some time off and visit me, she lives an hrs drive from me. :mad: lol. Still keep in touch.


Hey quit buddy so glad to hear you are doing so well.

And also pleased you shared the fact that you flossed your teeth with us all :rolleyes:

What book you reading :D

Haha, nice.

I'm reading A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle, I recommend it. Real page turner, non-fiction.


Hi Paul :D

I'm so glad you has a good day today

You sound really bright and cheerful and that's great

I think you're really enjoying this at the moment


Marg xxxxxxxx


Keep going buddy .... you sound like you will ;)


Hi Paul,

Really good to hear that things are going well for you. Stay upbeat and strong, you're doing fine.



Thanks For Sharing That Moment

Yo Raddleman thanks for sharing your tooth flossing moment :rolleyes: hmmm

But well done on your quitting progress... lets make sure we do it this time :D





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