No Smoking Day
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Day 10

Well today has been a good for me.....forgot about smoking until i went to buy lottery tickets....i felt empty handed leaving the newsagents without 40 Richmond :rolleyes:lol but on the positive side i save £9.40....thats almost £100 ive saved so far in 10 days.:p

Decided to have a shopping spree in Primark lol...lets face it with £100 i felt like a millionaire in there:cool:.....So now ive got 5 hours or so and im into day 12...Happy days:D

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Hi Clairelouise:D

Well done you on day 10 that's great into double figures

hope you bought a load of really nice stuff with that £100


Marg xxxxxxxxx


hi claire, 10,you are doing so goodddddd,,and talking about PRIMARK ,went there with the wife last week,and nearley got killed in the rush,,women running all round the place,:eek: never again,but it keeps you women happy,,and a happy women makes life ease for us men:D:D,,just you keep the faith and keep :D tony


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