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Aces day 6

Feeling quite good this morning...Glad the first 3 days are behind me...It was harder climbin them first 3 days the second time round, Because i lost alot of confidence when i broke the first time. But now im seeing the days go up again im slowly gaining back the confidence i lost in me.

I know ill miss cigarettes for a long time. But i know if i take them back ill loose so much more.


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Well done ace

Hi Ace

Well done on your 3 day mark... Keep it going huni, dont give in.... Its no good going back to square one over and over.. ask me im an expert on day one... lol.





Hi Lee :D

Day 6 once more well done you almost a full week behind you

You're slowly rebuilding that confidence back up and then you'll be well away

Take it a day at a time


Marg xxxxxxxx


Massive well done Lee on getting to day 6 again so soon after the last time.

Not many people would have got back here so quickly so you should take great pride in what you have done.

No going back this time.

See you in the next room on Saturday mate.


Well done Lee, see you don't need my positive vibes do you, your doing it yourself ;)

I'm sure your feeling loads better knowing you have got so far after not doing so well last time.

Don't give up!!

Nikki x


Well done

Well done glad you are feeling better today, keep posting :)


hi ace, day 6 nearley day 7 ,how good is that,,,and how good that feeling is ,smoke free for life,,make sure you stay that way,,read and read all you can ,at this stage of your quit you need all the info you can get ,the best help you can get is on this fourm,day or night,,we are one big happy family on here ,,so you just keep the faith and keep :D:D:D tony


Day 6, well done

Woohoo Lee, day 6, it'll be a week tomorrow! Of course you have the confidence in you, because you know this is it. You're doing really well, keep it up.

...and remember, the chi will be with you...always. :p

Love P. x


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