well back again but at week 8

well for you that dont know me im sue n i quit smoking nearly a year ago had a major lapse after something devastating happened i started smoking again smokeed for 6 months and quit again begining of march. For ever on that knows me hope your all doing well im well and truely back on track no more lapsing for me, i bitterly regret smoking again but had my reason have sent some of you a pm explaining what happened , dont want people thinkin i just has a small relapse when it was much more than that, so let me know how your all doing its god to be back

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  • Welcome back Suzy

    WoooHooo, My Teamies are all back on track :D

    The dynamic Trio: NicFirth, Suzy and Philip_ Ross



  • Hi Suzy :D

    Welcome back to the forum and 8 weeks quit that's great Big Hugs

    I wasn't around when you were here before but look forward to getting to know you


    Marg xxx

  • Hello Suzy,

    Welcome back to the forum and well done on reaching 8 weeks.


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