I'm feeling down

Ok so I'm on day 3, and I feel really low. I have no energy, and am not on the ball at all. My speech is slow and I've been stuttering on the phone.

I am used to depression, been suffering with it for a decade, and this is a trifle as feelings go. Still feel pants though.

I guess with the doses of nic I'm used to, it was acting as a mega stimulant.

Hope this improves, I know it's worth it.

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  • Hi Raddleman!!! You are seriously not on your own in feeling like this.

    On day 3, I kept getting all my words muddled up... I would be in mid conversation then totally forget what I was talking about ( which is totally embarrassing ) then that afternoon I had a HUGE CRAVE... that nearly had me falling into the trap. I stood in the kitchen and cried my eyes out that day. Just as I was crying my friend ( who is giving up with me by using NRT ) came in and said " OMG what's wrong mate?? " I said " I'm having a bad one mate and I feel like I'm going round the twist ".... she just wrapped her arms around me and didn't judge me... she just let me cry it all out.

    After my cry, we actually found some humour in the whole situation and I felt so much better.

    The next day, I made a pact with myself that only a GOOD thing has happened to my body. If my body could cope with 15/16 years of being poisioned to death, I'm sure it can cope with this!!! I'm on day 8 now and PLEASE PLEASE believe me when I say it gets that little bit easier every day.

    Good luck .... it's all good :D

  • Thanks slinky, that post has been very helpful. You tend to forget that you're not alone :rolleyes:.

  • Thanks slinky, that post has been very helpful. You tend to forget that you're not alone :rolleyes:.

    Yep, you do feel like you're on your own at the bad times.... but you are one of millions :D I only found this forum a couple of nights ago... and I think it's bloody brill :D some fantastic advice off people...and makes you realise you're not the only one going round the twist.

  • Hi Raddleman :D

    So sorry you feel down and depressed today but a lot of this is those Nico Demons playing their mind games with you. Trust me on this OK

    It really will get better for you very soon I promise I do understand how alone you feel but you're really not you know we are all here for you whenever you need us to try and help as well as support you

    Remember it will improve and as you say You know it's worth it just hang in there OK

    Hope you feel better tomorrow


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks margaret. Well I haven't smoked today, and it's time for bed. I don't half feel weird, quite emotional. Mission +3 accomplished though. I graduate tomorrow, to the next section :cool:. Yay!

  • Hi Raddleman :D

    Well done you and it is normal to be emotional early in your quit but like most other things doesn't last long just go with the flow

    Night night


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

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