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what a great day it is to day


great day to day..the sun is shinning..feel on top of the world,,got lots of garding to do ,,planting my summer veg,,and most of all i am still smoke free,,life gets better from not smoking,,can do lots of things i could not do before,,, i stoped puffing on the white sticks:D ,i have got this psychological thing under controll,,,,other symptoms i dont get are,

emotional,,irritability,,no more withdrawal symptoms..am a lot happer,,dont smell of smoke,,and i have a better positive look on life,,

not far of £1,ooo saved,,,,my cirulation and my breathing,,and my blood pressure have all gone up by 99%,,that why i feel so good,,so any newbeies reading this take note ,if you think you can not do this think again,,we on here have all been throught what you are going throught right now,and there is light at the end of the tunnel,,so you all just keep the faith tony ,, and in the words of the song [ DONT WORRY BE HAPPY ] and most of all keep :D:D:D

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Great post Tony

Put me in mind of a classic Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

hi nic,,you are right ,thats one hell of a classic,,old songs are the best,,went fishing last week and got 2 nice carp will down load them when i remember how to do it grrrrr tony

Hi Tony :D

Glad you feel good and it is a lovely day I have some shrubs for garden and will try and get them in tomorrow no time today am visiting a very unhappy freind instead

I also feel much better for quitting and Nic is right it is a Wonderful World

Keep :D :D :D


Marg xxxxxxxxx

hugs all round tony

Hi Tony

What a wonderful celebration, a great grandaughter, you must be so proud.

Congratulations on staying smoke free on your big day out with lots of drink and around smokers too. You are right they do stink, I shudder at the thought of what I must have smelt like sometimes too.

Hi Marg

Wow 19 weeks - I love to read the posts from all of you who are ahead of me then I get to see how (hopefully) much better it all gets.

Where do you find the quit meter, if that is what it is called?


hi jackieinv,,thank you for that..i dont ever think about smoking any more,,if i do it only lasts for a few seconds and then its gone,,its mind over matter,,you just keep the faith tony keep :D:D:D

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