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No Smoking Day
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worried about driving

I am worried, I am sure it is the nicodemon but still. I have to drive on the motorway tomorrow to pick my daughter up. I don't often do motorway driving so find it stressful at the best of times but the thought of doing it without a cig and this strange muzzy headachey feeling is scaring me.

It must be the habit thing because I am on patches so it's not the nicotine but still, I am really worrying about it.

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I still get the occasional feeling of lacking a something while driving.

Boiled sweets, are a good way of taking your mind off it, but basically the more you do it the less it will bother you in the future. Stay resolved and don't let it be an excuse to fail, and you will be fine!

All the best



You will be able to do it, because the simple truth is that a cigarette does not help any situation - at all. Not even a little bit.

If you feel that it may help you could try some mild stimulant such as the caffiene tyep energy drinks (red bull or similar) or maybe the caffeine tablets to try and clear the head a little and make you feel more alert.

Other than that, the obvious advice is to get out in the car before the event and make sure you feel safe.... As usual with driving, if you are not safe to drive - don't drive.


pathetic excuse to smoke

Thanks for the replies. I am being pathetic I think. I think I am looking for an excuse to smoke. I was having a big craving but now that it has passed I don't feel quite so worried. :o

I shouldn't really have caffeine type drinks as I have virtually no caffeine these days, it gives me palpitations. I shall stock up on chewing gum and wine gums and I have an inhilator so I am sure I will be fine. In addition, I will remember that my daughter will be thrilled that I have stopped.


Hi Candowilldo :D

I also don't like motorway driving at all but I can do it if I have to

However due to my health have not been able to drive since I quit or for a while before that

But I used to work nights some years ago and sometimes felt so tired that I was nervous about getting behind the wheel but

The thing is as soon as I started the engine I was fine felt wide awake and alert even after the hardest night on the wards

So I am sure you'll be fine


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi there, I suffered with the FUZZY HEAD feeling too in the beginning. It was like a oxygen over dose feeling. Like what you would feel like while hyperventilating, without hyperventilating though :confused:

Don't worry, I'm on day 8 quit now, and I would say I haven't had this feeling for 2/3 days now!! Don't worry, it will pass shortly once your body gets used to the lovely clean oxygen it is sooooo lovingly receiving :D:D


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