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Day 25

well after a really rough week last week Ive come out the other side. I even went out for a few drinks on saturday night as a treat and didnt think about ciggies once. In fact I was rather glad that I didnt have to keep leaving my friends and boyfriend in side whilst I went out for a fag.

Im staying in week 3 until I officially hit one month which will be on 7th April so going to be here for abit longer although Ive not been on here quite as much.

I had contact with my stop smoking nurse which I think was abit disappointing as I said I had stopped smoking and given up the nrt, she just said do you want another phone call in a couple of weeks?

the support I recieved on here has got me through this and Im really loving being a non smoker!

thanks everyone and hope you are all doing ok xxxx

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Another really positive response to the NHS stop smoking service then?

They really are rubbish aren't they?

Anyway, congratulations on your acheivments - huge.


Hi moog, I am so pleased to see you have come so far! And all of this despite the stop smoking service! Well done you xx


Hi Moog, so glad you are feeling good, cant believe we at day 25, mind you i am so close to going back to the ciggies - cannot bare being so bloody miserable, have got no enthusiasm for anything, i have come home from work because i am so bloody fed up and miserable and plus that i have put on a stone!!!! in 25 days - and i cannot bear being this big, just makes me feel physically uncomfy - i no i only have to stop eating and exercise but have not got the inclination - just cannot see how this is ever gonna end.

Anyway hon, you enjoy your good feelings, sooooo pleased for you

keep smiling

deb x


Hi Sam :D

25 days is wonderful big hug on it's way for you

I see you're no more impressed with the NHS than I am


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Debs

Please don't give in now I promise you it will get better very soon you will stop being miserable and will get your enthusiasm back again, also try not to worry about the weight for a bit but something you could try [it worked for me] is cutting up fruit and raw veggies and when you get the munchies eat them instead of sweets,cakes etc

You say you can't see how this is going to end but it will I promise


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi moog, so glad you felling more positive and well done for going out and drinking as a non smoker, you go girl!


Hi debs, i think all of us go through the moody/miserable stage but it will get better, moog is proof, dont worry too much about the weight gain i too have gained but i will worry about that when i dont have to focus to much on non smoking, keep strong and keep posting loads of help on here.


p.s. hope you feel better soon you are always so positive and you keep me and others on here going too!


Well done Moog, a great attitude and a great achievement,

keep up the good work.



Nice one Moog

I just made it to day 25 today at last. :cool:

Easier, but tricky as I was in a hotel for the night by myself...have never done that before without a fag ! There were a few moments.



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