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No Smoking Day
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Day 20, cant believe i got here!

Hellon everyone, im on day 20 today, i quit on non smoking day and i cant believe ive made it this far!

As I look back over the last three weeks ive had some really tough days and some really good days, but if i think about it and add up good versus bad i definately have had more good times but what i think happens is we forget those ones and focus on the bad ones making them seem more important and our minds play tricks and try to make us believe its too hard, making excuses, but i can honestly say it is so much based on positive thinking and even getting angry and refusing to be beaten by a piece of paper filled with so much cra*!

I do however think that when you having a bad crave or mental crave it is hard to stay focused and positive but what i try to do is keep saying to myself if i can get through the next hour/day and i still feel like i am going to crack and smoke then i will, but every time the craving has gone before i reach that stage and i have beaten it again!

It is really good to see lots more new day ones and it proves that more and more people are wanting to get rid of this filthy addiction and togther on here we can and will all do it!

Thanks to all the support on here its like having an extended family at your finger tips! and well done to everyone else whom chooses not to smke today!


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hey tracy well done on getting to day 20. you sound very positive about your quit and i am sure you will beat this addiction. all the best

janet xx


Good going, Tracy..... keep that positive attitude and you shouldn't have a problem!!! :)


Well done tracy on day 20!! im a day behind you and i also cant believe i have reached this far,,its so hard at times but im not letting those nico-demons beat me lol.

Keep it up :D



Well done Tracy!! :D I hope it's getting easier each day!!!...Thanks for your support & advice when I've been struggling!!

This is a great site with great people :D dunno if so many would see it through without them!

I've been told that the weeks soon turn to months & thoughts of smoking become just an occasional glimmer soon brushed away!!! Can't wait!!


Allen Carr's easyway

& insane laughing (as advised by Tracy21) :)


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