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No Smoking Day
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wow great to see so many day 1 newbies

Hello, i just wanted to say well done to everyone on here today as day one non smokers!

what a great way to start your quits with so many new people all together, im sure you will all support each other as well as getting loads of great support from the wonderful people on here with lots of experience.

Im on day 20 today and can honestly say i never believed i would get this far,:eek: it does get easier and i didnt think id say that!, this forum has been the greatest help with so many people willing to help at the bad times and praise you when you get through, and all the links that are offered are fantastic,:) i would never have got this far without the help from here, especially marge and nic and bibleblack! lots of others too.

So give yourselfs a great big pat on the back for making the best decision you will ever make and however you have chose to quit is th right way for you, taking baby steps, one hour at a time is how i have got through!

Well done and keep going!:D


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Yup..... what Tracy says! Welcome day 1,2,3.... newbies :) Just a little ahead of you guys and I feel good! AND I never thought I would say that..... so good going you guys for quitting and stick with it..... you'll be so glad you did. :):)


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