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Keeping NRT for now

Officially into Month 1 and had planned to stop the patches around now, the month has been very easy, not wanted to smoke at all, stress levels started low.

I still feel fine not smoking despite losing my father on thursday and the impending funeral.

Had a think and ive decided to stay on the patches untill after the funeral.

Good luck to all the new quitters and stick at it!


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Sorry to hear about your father. My heart goes out to you.

Please dont rush to come off the patches if they are getting you though this sad time. When you are ready why dont you try and reduce the patches over a few weeks and then when you are ready come off the patches. I did try and stop early but it didnt work for me. All the best

Janet xxx


Sorry to hear your news BBF.

I am not even thinking about coming off the inhalator until i have completed the 12 week period, well I will start weaning leading up to the 3 months.

I have noticed that people who come off the NRT sound like they struggle a bit and you certainly do not need this at this time.

Take care




The important thing from the quit's point of view is that you don't smoke, even though you are going through a very tough time.

I can only add my sympathies at your loss, and say that whatever it takes to give you the control you need then that's what you should do.

I used Champix at the start of my quit to give me control - once I was strong enough to take control myself, I stopped it.

Everyone must take control at some point, but until that time.... whatever it takes to not smoke is what is right for you.

Well done on showing this much strength and awareness at such a difficult time.



So sorry to hear about your Dad. Very very well done for staying smoke free you must do what is right for you and at this sad time if that means staying on the patches so be it. You can deal with the nrt when your ready. thinking of you linda.xxxxx


Hi there, I think you are very wise. Again, I am most sorry for your loss but am most happy to see you on the forum and not off the wagon. Well done to you xxx


Fair play to you, I spent 10 weeks on NRT while I got my mind sorted, and you have more to worry about than most at the moment.

I keep on about it but understanding why you smoke(d), learning to loath it and see quitting as gaining rather than sacrificing is the only way to stay stopped permanently. If you are constantly battling feelings that you are missing out on something great then sooner or later you give in to temptation in a weak moment.

All the best and condolences on your loss.



Hi B B Fags :)

You just do what is right for you and if you feel better for sticking with the patches for a few more days at this sad time then do it there is no rush after all you will stop them when it feels right for you

Well done on 1 month quit


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I am sorry to hear about your dad...

If you have made it through the last few days not smoking then you can do anything....



Thanks all, still feel fine and dont want a fag.

When i left the hospital after being told my Dad had passed away i got in the car i reached to the glovebox for my fags! wow! i couldnt believe it as that was the first time id done that.

Just said to myself, Will smoking bring him back? No!

If he hadnt smoked all them years ago he may still of been here today.

It was hard enough telling my daughters that Grandad had gone, let alone my wife telling them daddy had gone because he smoked.

Still using patches and have a couple of nicorette gums ready for the funeral monday.

If you are thinking about quitting, please please do it if only for your childrens sake! If you could see how devasted my daughters are on losing thier grandad to smoking you would never smoke again.

Take Care


Hi B B F :)

So pleased to hear from you and well done on staying strong despite the stress you're going through at the moment

Just keep using the patches if they're helping for now, you'll know when the time is right to ditch them


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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