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I knew it would arrive !!


Yep it arrrived that super craving that i knew would come soon after i started getting cocky. About half seven it arrived and sent me to the shop for a pack of Richmond menthol... cos i might as well smoke today and stop tomorrow...... we all know that one !!!

BUT !!! I got to the door of the shop and turned around.. i didnt buy any ... WHOOP WHOOP ....

Anyway im nearly 21 hours in now and im feeling proud of myself....

HOPE my other quit buddies are all on track.

NB.... Speaking of quit buddies is Lilbear still around ....

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Hi E B T Girl :D

WAHEY that's great well done on not giving in and buying them fags I'm proud of you as well and now today is nearly over only another 3 hours to go just hang in there



Hiya EBT girl

Glad to see you back an your doing really well...... And you got threw a biggy you keep going you can beat this....

I,ve been quiet as not been to good but i,m still here. Had hard times and good.... But i,m hanging in there sometimes with the skin of my teeth ha ha....

You keep it up well done on day 1 and it do,s get better..... I,ll be reading even if i am quiet


Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hello EBTGirl,

Well done you, that moment came - and you licked it! Keep going keep strong.


It's brill that you stopped yourself!! you should feel very proud.

I had a very hard couple of hours on my 3rd day... and I so very nearly gave in to temptation.... but I didn't, and when the crave had passed I felt so proud and elated that I had had a BIGGY and coped!!! :)

Take each day as it comes!! and think of the 100's of positive things that stopping has created :)

Good going EBTG :) I'm so glad you got through that bad crave...... things seemed so hard those first few weeks but it seems like fags are such a distant memory now and I am only so little ahead of you now..... I know it seems so hard but just keep going and after many lousy days, it becomes easier all of a sudden..... and then you start forgetting about fags and you become so happy you made the right decision...... hope you keep going.... I know you want this so badly..... just take it a day at a time. :):):)


amazing self control...to get as far as the shop and then walk away...not many could do that on day1!!!

brilliant - if you can handle that, you can handle anything...believe...:D


congrats to you too...but please please, from one who's been there got the Tshirt etc.:o, be wary of getting complacent...the beasty can creep up and bite your bum when you are least expecting it...

good luck to both of you, stay strong...


first day too

that's class-this be my first day as well and i got thro it-hooray!roll on day 2 and watever that brings-i feel gud that it wont include fags-believe ur doin th rite thing cause u are-

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