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what a great week end

my great grand daughter got christend on saturday,,also lots off my family came over from dublin,some came on thurday,,and some on friday,,the beer was flowing like wine,,they all went back today,,and i feel like:eek: so i am back on line,,

i am 138 days quit

fags not smoked 4,166

money saved £999.93

life saved 2 weeks 11 hours 12 min,s

i felt sorry for all the smokers in the club,and i could smell the smoke on them grrrrrrrrrrrrrr,,.hope we are all keeping the faith tony and most off all keep :D:D

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Hi Tony :D

Glad you had a good weekend and that you had family over from dublin as well sounds like a boozy time was had by all HA HA

Well done on 138 days quit that's great I,m on 133 days quit and am keeping the faith and also :D :D :D




thank you marg for that..tony


Hi Tony, glad to hear you had a great time-hope the beer is the black stuff! LOVE GUINESS !!!;)


me and you both shabba ;)


Glad you had a great time, Tony and it's good to have you back!

Keep the fath ;)


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